WhiteWorms (LIVE) Active Culture 1000+ Worms+ Free Fish and Worm Food +Plants (Pearlweed)


(LIVE) Active Culture 1000+ Worms+


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πŸ”» What You Get! πŸ”»

1000 + Worms + FREE Worm Culture Container

+ FREE Worm Food + FREE Sample Of Fish Food!

+ Free Plants (Pearlweed)

+ FREE 6-15  Aquarium Plant  Seeds 

(Anubias , Buce , Beautiful Red Stem Plants , Amazing Amazon Swords)Β 

+FREE Rams Snails OR Scuds Gammarus Shrimp


Thank-You for Your Business, and Your Time

Buy 2 Get 10% Off – Buy 3 Get 15% Off FREE Shipping on 2nd and 3rd

$34.99 +$10 Shipping

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Buy 2 Get 10% Off – Buy 3 Get 15% Off FREE Shipping on 2nd and 3rd

1000+ Worms Active Culture

Buy 1 WhiteWorms Culture

$34.99 + $10 Shipping

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USPS Priority 2-3 Day Shipping Is A Flat Rate Of $10 Unlimited Items. No Matter How Many Orders You Buy It’s Still Only $10 Bucks

If You Want Free Ramshorn Snails / Scuds You Must Leave A Note WITH/ON YOUR PURCHASE And Let Me Know You Want Some.

I  have a lot of tubs full of WhiteWorms and wanted to share some out to other hobbyists   because they are so good for so many things. Enjoy 

You only have to buy whiteworms once and you will have enough forever because it only takes a spoonful of worms to start another culture so you can make as many as you want forever!

If you have Any?’s feel free to ask and i will respond asap thanks

keep Worms fed with cat food with no red meat cover with a piece of clear plastic or glass, and keep culture wetter then you would think it needs to be but not too wet. Add culture to shoe size plastic tub or bigger and don’t use more than an inch and a half of medium/dirt. You need to add dirt to the culture I send you, any soil will be fine. Don’t be afraid of mites/springtails you may get them as your culture matures if you overfeed, they are great food for the fish too they love them, but mites/springtails do not harm the worms or fish they only compete for the cat food not a big deal Remove food as it molds and replace with new. use 50% clean dirt and 50% peat moss or coco fiber. They also love to eat yeast and decaying fruits and veggies but they turn bad faster and tend to stink. You may see chunks of calcium in your culture I sent. This helps the worm’s growth and health. If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

Question? Do I ship everyday?

Yes I do the Worms and Snails are good in the mail for 7-10 days

and I ship Priority so they are supposed to arrive in 1-3 days

but lately they have been arriving in 3-5 days but all well so far. I also spare no expense in packaging materials. I package them very well. To me they are not just Worms and Snails, they are Pets, that i’ve spent a pretty penny on feeding only Premium Foods!


Worms look fine from first glance.  If there are issues with the colony 

(ie if I need to order another) I’ll let you know but everything looks good.


as for the worms once your bin starts to get filled with white worms then take half the dirt and worms out and make a new culture add a few cups of dirt to each culture continue to do this till you have as many cultures as you want or till you have enough to where you can start selling white worm cultures to other aquarium enthusiasts. You can get containers at walmart or meijers for real cheap five packs for $4. They are about 14x6x6 if i had to guess. That is a good size if you want to start making more cultures and don’t go too big. It works well to have more smaller containers and don’t use too much dirt only about an inch or a little bit more. Keep the soil moist, almost wet a little wetter then you might originally think seems to work best for me. if it is to dry you wont get quick reproduction but will still be thriving.


What type of flora/Plants did you include?


As for the flora provided it is called Pearlweed. I think it is the best plant in the hobby. You can literally do anything with it. These are some of my favorite things to do with pearlweed.   I always keep a couple clumps floating in each one of my tanks. It looks totally amazing once it gets growing and does not take long. It keeps growing in a ball and you can easily remove chunks without causing any damage at all. It also is an amazing looking stem plant that will grow great and or planted however it takes a steady hand to plant the small stems but once planted it is easy to keep trimmed all at one level and make a beautiful carpeting plant. Also the floating clumps make a great place for fry baby fish shrimp and baby snails to hide in it and to get all the nutrition they need by eating all the microorganisms that live in the ball of pearlweed. This is also a great plant to make some extra cash with to buy more fish and fish food and more fish tanks. You can sell a sandwich baggy loosely filled for $15 and it will sell quickly and easily. I recommend selling plants and anything aquatic on aquabid


What are these seeds that you included?


The answer is I don’t know lol,  so i purchased about 15 different kinds of aquarium plant seeds all real cool ones though. Alot of Buce and cool Anubias and awesome red plants and red amazon sword plants but i got them all mixed up so if you are talented enough to be able to get them to grow you will have an awesome rare aquarium plant and also have learned a very valuable skill. so good luck on becoming a master aquatics gardener.

I hope this message fully answers the questions you asked and if you have any more fill free to ask. i don’t know all the answers but i have had a bit of experience in the aquarium trade/hobby/industry for about 10 years now.

In 10 Years I’ve Never Had A DOA! It Is Impossible The Way I Pack Them, They Do Not Die In Transit


If DOA, provide a picture, and a one time replacement will be sent at zero cost to you. Please don’t create a return as that adds additional steps for us both – just send a picture and we will send another package.

Your order will be shipped  and tracking will be provided after payment is received.

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