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QJF Aquatics Blog

QJF Aquatics Blog Blog/Vlog

This Blog Is Going To Be A Place To Post Aquatic Photos, Ideas, Tips, Experiences and The Step By Step Learning Process I Go Thru Along The Way As We Learn Together Thru Trial and Error.

We Have Way To Many Great Ideas That We Want to Do That We Forget About Before We Get To Do Them. So Feel Free To Post Your Aquatic Photos, Ideas, Tips, Experiences Here Too. Say You Are Watching A Video And You See A Great Idea Tip And You Think It Could Help Some Other People Or It’s Something You Are Gonna Try Post It Here And Let Us Know How It Goes For You. Share Your Passion!

One of My 13 Tanks. Balloon Mollies and Regular Black Mollies, also Golden Wonder Killies, Madagascar Rainbow Fish, LongFin White Cloud Minnows, Albino Cory, Peppered Cory, And A Few Green Emerald Cory’s, Also Auto’s and Ramshorn Snails.

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